Features of cleaning binocular optics

With good binoculars, you can get a sharp and sharp image even in low light conditions With good binoculars, you can get a sharp and sharp image even in low light conditions. And since he is his owner, whether it is a hunter, a tourist or a fisherman, he accompanies almost everywhere, then we can say that he falls into the same scrape as his master. For example, it can fall into the water, into the mud, into the sand, or even find itself in a snowdrift. And even despite the fact that modern binoculars are able to work even in the most extreme conditions, but all you need to try not to damage its optical part.

After all, in cases of damage to the lenses of binoculars or antireflection coating, the image quality will drop several times, and therefore the money you spent on acquiring it will go down the drain.

It should also be noted that a significant deterioration in the optical characteristics of binoculars may occur due to the fact that fingerprints may remain on the lenses. Therefore, it is necessary to try to keep the binoculars in perfect condition, in connection with which we correctly select cleaning methods and cleansers.

First of all, remember that if the optics is not dirty, then why not clean it. Try to keep the binoculars in the case and in the protective caps. And in case you have lost the case, then be sure to get another one.

Dust for optics can be dangerous in that it will leave scratches, and therefore it is not recommended to wipe dust lenses with a cloth or chamois. For this you can use a can of compressed air.

I would also like to note that there are special pencils designed for optical optics. At the same time, such pencils can be used not only for cleaning the optics of binoculars, but also for the camera and other similar devices.

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