Production of a building berth for transportation of the boat PVC on the onboard trailer

If you have a flatbed trailer, then a PVC boat can be transported in a puffed up state on a flatbed trailer. But for this the trailer needs to be prepared. The purpose of the preparation of the trailer:

1. exclude damage to the boat on the sharp edges of the trailer during transport;

2. to ensure the stable position of the boat on the trailer during transportation.

You can achieve these goals in different ways. Some require more costs, and some less. It all depends on the trailer, boat and desire. We, in our company, achieve these goals by making stocks. The building berth has a frame and lodgements upholstered with carpet. It is quickly installed and removed. The size and position of the stocks depends on each particular boat and the wishes of the client. To attach the PVC boat to the trailer, it is imperative to use at least two tie-down belts.

Building berth for the automobile trailer CATALOG PRICES